now is the winter of our discoteque (epheron) wrote in sd_distro,
now is the winter of our discoteque

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show on july 11th!

just so everyone knows:

july 11th: 7:30
the red light sting (on sound virus!) / cinema eye (on sound virus!) / plot to blow up the eiffel tower (on HCNL, swing kids meets NOU) / sinaloa (ex-ettil vyre, from the east coast!)

are all playing at the Brown Brother's Building in San Pedro
455 6th Street, San Pedro, CA.

it's located a few buildings down from sacred grounds in san pedro. this is a 'koo's' show and is all ages and will be $5 dollars at the door.

more information can be found at

if anyone needs any more information, don't hesitate to e-mail me at

so if you have nothing to do this friday night, this show will be GREAT!

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