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now is the winter of our discoteque

upcoming koo's shows!

hey! here are some upcoming shows at koo's. not everything is on the website yet (sorry, i don't control that stuff, if i did, it'd be there!). some shows aren't fully booked up yet, but they should be done any day now! remember: weekday shows end by 10pm and weekend shows end at 11pm and that means weekday shows start at 7pm while most weekend shows start at 8pm (though we will start a weekend show at 7pm, so be forewarned!). don't miss your favorite bands!

march 24th 7pm $7
PELICAN (hydra head records!!!)
Graf Orlock
Radiatio 4

march 26 8pm $6
Wilmot Proviso
(Katie The Pest - cancelled!)

march 27th 8pm $6
Baby's Breath
I Explode You

april 2nd 8pm
Zombie Zombie
Debaser (members of Friends Forever)
Dead Set
30 Years War

april 3rd 8pm $6
Kissing Tigers
Polar Bears
Sweet Tears
+ 1 TBA

april 9th 8pm $6
Mona Reels
24 Karat (ex: Subpoena the Past)
+ More TBA

april 10th 7pm $8
Hot Cross
Lick Golden Sky
Superstitions of the Sky

april 12 7pm $6
The Prids
More TBA

april 19th 7pm $6
The One AM Radio

april 24th
The Cinema Eye
The Reputation (ex: Sarge)
Baby's Breath
+ 1 TBA

April 27 7pm $7
An Albatross (Bloodlink / Ace Fu)
Big Muscles
Bad Dudes

April 30th
Wind-Up Bird
More TBA

May 1st $6 8pm
Science of Yabra
More TBA

May 9th $7
Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower
Robotnicka (from France)
Lost Film Presentation

we've got plenty of other amazing shows in the works too!

check out our website for music / art / other events!

we will be having more art events in the future as well as more FILM events. lost film (done by bloodlink records) will be displaying short films on april 10th. there should be more films in the upcoming months as well!

by the way, koo's is located in long beach, ca! we're located conviently in between many orange county cities and los angeles county cities.

take care!
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